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Compass learning


Compass learning is an educational sight. It has different categories That are made just for you to practice and learn. This sight is linked with testing called map testing.  The categories are math, LA extensions, reading, language arts, and science. The activities in  LA extensions are grammar and parts of speech. In reading it has […]



My sister has to create a commercial for the YMCA . I don’t know what she is going to do because my family doesn’t belong to the Ymca and I think My sister is just going to talk and not do a commercial with a camera and show something that looks like a Ymca.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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basketball picture


 This is my new basketball picture. My sister said ” How cute.” and I said ” Izzy’s not cute!”

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My top 10 favorite basketball players!


10: Dwight Howard 9: James Harden 8: Dwayne Wade 7:Russel Westbrook 6:Kevin love 5: Blake Griffin 4:Derrick Rose 3: Kyrie Irving 2: Stephen Curry 1: LEBRON JAMES

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Unusual Schedule


I have an unusual schedule. I have on the weekend the national champion ships with my team and this is different team called the kickers. the kickers are not a travel team they are a club team and I am on that team. That team has a there National Championships. But I am very mad […]

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the people in my class


The people in my class are Mackenzie, Danielle, Caleb, Noah, Jana, Natalie, Matthew, Rafy, Braeden, Joseph,  Olivia, Luke, Samantha, Ann, Simon, Garrett, Sarah, Jackson, Hamsika, Luisa, Andy.

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My 3v3 was cancelled and I am very sad. It was cancelled because My team was the only tea to sign up. That is all I  have to say.

National Championships


MORE SOCER! My team has are national championships so we need to work extra hard! I am so excited for it.the people on my team are Gabby  , Carly, Taylor, Rachel, Nora, Andrea, Marissa, Samantha, Montanna, Elsa, and  Monica . My team is filled with talent. This is all I know about the National Championships!

3 versus 3


I have a new 3 versus three tournament and this is my second this year. This one is a little bit different though. My last 3 versus three tournament had a goalie this one is just 3 field players. I am going to be tired because it is all in  one day.  But I am […]

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