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The current time


Currently, I am sitting here in math class with natalie. We are bored. Thanks for tuning in!!

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8th grade


Well it has been nearly 3 years since I have last been on this blog. I am now a “scary 8th grader” as  my 6th grade self would say! The cavaliers now are awful without Lebron so I don’t watch them any more. Have a good one.

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6th Grade


Well it has been quite some time since I have been on this blog!!! I am now in the 6th grade. It is completely different from elementary school. Lots of switching classes and 8th graders are scary! Hopefully I will begin to post on this blog more since I finally remembered my

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Lebron Gets No Fouls Called for him


just read. Lebron James is the best player of all time because Michael Jordan got every single foul called for him and lebron simply doesn’t. I have a theory that they don’t call fouls for him because he made the choice to leave Cleveland. Does anybody realize he never went to college? He was on a terrible team as MJ was on a great team with Scottie Pippen! Lebron was stuck with Booby Gibson… um he was terrible. Lebron deserved better then that. He Made the desicion to go to Miami for some training and to get a break once in a while for games.  Anyway The NBA champs Golden State Warriors get every single call for them  there was a  play when Lebron drove  to the basket and Draymond Green jumps in the air , lands on Lebron and they call a travel! are you kidding me? watch this video real quick!

Hellooooo! No call! This is rigged I give up! Why do people hate  Lebron? No hate please but I mean really. I guess refs hat Lebron.




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Bosco is my Saint Bernard Puppy who is huge. Bosco weighs 110 pounds and he sprained my ankle by tripping me down the stairs and landing on me! Although I do love him, he can be a pain. He is always in the way and he’s so big that he takes up the space of the doorway! Now its time to see the cute pup! right… HEREIMG_1382

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The Funny Division Song


In school we have been learning about long division! Our teacher showed us this really funny song that really helps you learn your long division steps. So here it is :

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how to make an emoji in your post!


First, make this a colon (:)  Then hit shift and press 0 and it should be this ). It won’t show up at first but once your post is published it will be an emoji.



comment: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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it’s been long!!!


Sorry I haven’t posted in 8 months but I have been busy with 4th grade with all of my new teachers!  Go visit mrscampagna.edublogs.org to see her new surprise, Evelyn!!!! Mrs Campagna has had her new baby! I just got a new puppy! The name took a long time to figure out but we decided Bosco was just right.  My new teachers are awesome this year. My schedule is quite simple but my day is much faster now that I go to different classrooms with different teachers. I will get a picture of bosco to put on here  later or even go back in my dashboard and edit it later. I’m back! If the link does not work just type in the web address.

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My uncle and I made a bet for Cavs and Hawks series where if the cavs win which they did he has to wear a pink sparkly cavs jersey of my choice and if the hawks one i would have to wear a hawks jersey of his choice. This is the jersey I picked out.james-irving-love-cleveland-teeI decided not to be mean!

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Soccer Results


For soccer in Columbus We got 3rd  in the elite division. Also, Last weekend I went to Mansfield and had 2 games and In total I had 5 goals and 6 assists. I have a game today and I have to go and I haven’t posted in a wile so I had some free time! My season so far has been great. Another fun thing My team did was a food celebration and we had very good vegetables, fruits, and some junk food and pop.

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